An Aquatic Cover can have a huge effect on the amount of overall energy you use to maintain and run a swimming pool.

Using a cover will greatly reduce the heat loss through evaporation saving up to 85% of overall heat loss from the pool water and thus significantly reduce the heating costs of the pool. Stopping evaporation also directly effects the quantity of chemicals used to maintain hygienic water conditions and reducing the amount of water needed to top up pool after evaporation.

To control the humidity within your indoor pool hall a dehumidification and an air heating system will be required The capacity of this sophisticated equipment will be determined directly by the amount of evaporation that it will be required to handle. Using a cover will mean that the average amount of evaporation will be greatly reduced and therefore the capacity of the unit required and the capital cost of the dehumidification system can be greatly reduced by opting to use a pool cover.

To dramatically save heating costs on outdoor pools Aquatic Covers® have developed a solar cover to harness solar energy available to an outdoor pool to provide a secondary pool heating system. The average amount of solar energy available per square meter for the entire earth over an entire day is 164 watts per m². This is an average over 24 hours for an 8hr sunny day, and the peak during this 24hr period can easily be 300 watts per m². If you apply this to an average pool measuring 5m x 10m the following amount of energy is available to harness:

Pool size 5m x 10m = 50m²
Average energy available 50m² x 164watts =8200 watts =8.2Kw
Peak energy available 50m² x 300watts =15000 watts =15Kw

An Aquatic Covers® Solar cover has been specifically designed and developed to harness the maximum amount of energy available and transfer it directly to the pool water therefore dramatically reducing the annual heating costs.